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sábado, 3 de março de 2012

Legião Urbana - Pais e Filhos

Legião Urbana (Portuguese for Urban Legion) were a Brazilian rock band formed in 1982 in Brasília, Distrito Federal. The band primarily consisted of Renato Russo (vocals), Dado Villa-Lobos (guitar) and Marcelo Bonfá (drums). In its earlier days, Legião Urbana also had a bassist, Renato Rocha, but he would leave the band due to creative divergences.
Legião Urbana was disestablished de facto in 1996 because of frontman Renato Russo's death, and de jure in 1997, but even to this day it is one of the most famous Brazilian rock bands, alongside Os Paralamas do Sucesso(Fenders of Sucess), Titãs(Titans) and Barão Vermelho(Red Baron).

Parents and sons

Statues and safes
And painted walls
No one knows
What happened ...

She threw the window
The fifth floor
Nothing is easy to understand ...

sleep now
It's just the wind
Outside ...

I want lap!
I'll run away from home
Can I sleep here
with you
I'm afraid
I had a nightmare
Just go back
After three ...

My child will have
Name of a saint
I want the name
Beautiest ...

You have to love people
As there is no tomorrow
Because if you stop
to think
Actually there is no ...

Tell me, why is the sky blue
Explains the great fury of the world
They are my children
Taking care of me ...

I live with my mother
But my father comes to visit
I live in the street
I have no one
I live anywhere ...

I've lived in so many houses
What I can not remember more
I live with my parents
Huhuhuhu! ... ouh! ouh! ...

You have to love people
As there is no tomorrow
Because if you stop
to think
Actually there is no ...

I am a drop of water
I am a grain of sand
You tell me that their parents
They do not understand
But you do not understand your parents ...

You blame your parents for everything
This is absurd
They are kids like you
What will you be
When you grow up?

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