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segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

HB - Hanki elämä III

HB is a Christian power metal band, formed in Forssa, Finland in 2002. They recorded a demo, four albums in the Finnish language with English versions for three of them, two singles, and a live DVD filmed at the Festival Maata Näkyvissä (2006).
Concerning the origin and meaning of the initials HB, Johanna Aaltonen said at the official website of the band: "Actually the initials H and B don't really stand for anything. We once had a competition on our webpage, where people could suggest different meanings for the two letters. Holy Bible was one of the suggestions.".[1]
Musically the band is like Nightwish, symphonic metal in style with powerful sounds of the guitars, bass and drums, fused with characteristic instruments of classical music, choir and even a few verses of lyric singing by vocalist Johanna Aaltonen.
The band is also characterized by the strong spiritual content in their Christocentric lyrics.

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