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terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012 - Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream is probably their most famous animation, in no small part because of the email hoax that went around several years ao, claiming that it was a real machine, the attached video low enough quality that it wasn't immediately obvious that it was CGI.

Since then, it's gained popularity off its own back really, being an excellent piece of work, and great fun to watch.

I couldn't find a decent high definition video of this sequence online anywhere, so I decided to fix that little issue.


N.B. While this is derived from the same animation, it isn't the same animation that features on the Animusic DVD, and that can be found elsewhere as the Animusic - Pipe Dream sequence. This was specifically distributed as a realtime rendering demo for the ATi Radeon 9700. Just to clear that up. As far as I know, the proper Animusic version of this animation isn't available anywhere in 1080p.

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