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segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2012

The Quakes - I Miss You

The Quakes were started by Paul Roman (guitar, vocals), Rob Peltier (Slap bass), and Dave "The Ace" Hoy (drums) in the fall of 1986. After visiting London twice in failed attempts to start a band, Roman began a band with Hoy called the Quiffs. Peltier later saw the band playing at a party, and once he joined, the band's name was changed to the Quakes. At first, they did not plan on keeping Dave Hoy in the band due to his young age (Hoy was 15, while Roman and Peltier were 19 and 17), but eventually allowed him to stay.
The band originally played modern rockabilly, but found it tough to book shows with Buffalo's teenage music scene being dominated by punk rock. Out of sheer frustration the band began playing faster and dressing in ripped jeans and combat boots instead of their usual peg pants. While they did gain a following, it was small compared to the attention European psychobilly bands were getting. The band sent demos to Nervous Records, an influential psychobilly label, but were rejected. In the fall of 1987, the Quakes decided to move to London in order to become part of the European scene.
Once in London, they again tried their luck with Nervous Records. They were told another band, the Rattlers, had cancelled out of a psychobilly fest in Weize, Belgium, and they could have the slot. The band was able to play for an audience of 4000 for their very first European gig.
Upon returning to England, the band was stopped at the border and deported because they did not have work permits. The Quakes returned to gigging in the United States, but were again discouraged by a lack of interest. However, they were soon able to return to Europe when they were offered a slot as an opening band for the Coffin Nails on a tour of Belgium and Germany.
Before the tour, Rob Peltier quit the band, and was replaced with Chris VanCleve, who had played drums in the Quiffs. VanCleve was put on drums, and Dave Hoy was switched to bass.
After the tour, the band was finally signed by Nervous Records to record the first album. Peltier was convinced by the record deal to rejoin. Peltier moved to London, and the band was living in a squat. The Quakes began playing around London, and made their debut at legendary psychobilly club, the Klubfoot, on June 5, 1988.
The last half of 1988 saw the release of their self-titled debut, The Quakes.Being otherwise jobless, and still living in a squat, Peltier and Hoy ended up quitting and returning to Buffalo after a planned tour of Europe went bust. Roman stayed in London and began a new band, Paul Roman and the Prowlers, with the Rattlers' bassist Nick Peck. Shortly after returning to Buffalo, Dave Hoy was struck by a car while crossing the highway and killed.
The Prowlers played a few shows in London and a small psychobilly festival in Belgium. Upon returning to London, Paul Roman was deported to the US for the second time.
As soon as Paul Roman returned to Buffalo, the Quakes were put back together for a few gigs just for fun with Rob Peltier on upright bass, Chris VanCleve on rhythm guitar, and one of Peltier's friends on drums.
Paul Roman returned to England, this time with a work permit, but found that his plans with a record label had fallen through to record a solo record.By chance Paul met Ant Thomas, a member of English psychobilly band Demented Are Go, in a laundromat and learned they lived in the same neighbourhood. Demented Are Go's guitarist, Lex, had just quit the band, and Paul Roman joined to fill in on Demented Are Go's already booked tour of England.
In the fall of 1989, Paul Roman moved back to Buffalo, deciding that he preferred to write his own songs than play for another band. He rented an apartment with Peltier, and they decided to reform the Quakes again. At first, Chris VanCleve was invited back on drums, but he was soon replaced with Brian Doran, one of Peltier's friends from high school. The Quakes celebrated their newest reformation by playing the first and second Big Rumble, a renowned England-based psychobilly festival, and doing a few small tours of Europe.

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