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terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012

Renfue - What You Wanted

Renfue is a six-piece American alternative rock/pop punk band from Santa Clarita, California. They have released one self-titled, four song EP, and two singles to date.

Renfue began with guitarists Vincent Bledsoe and Robert Jones, as they wrote and recorded songs in a small and very hot bedroom in Robert's house in late 2006. Soon after the duo met vocalist Yvonne Marder, who at the time lived in Sacramento. "We would record some rough ideas, and every now and then Yvonne would come down and we would give them to her on a CD, and she would work on vocals for it", said guitarist Vincent in a GVTV interview in September 2008.

Robert and Vincent then met brothers Shane and Shaun Alch, and after a few months throwing ideas back and forth, Yvonne moved to the Los Angeles area. This is when Renfue as a band started to take shape, and music goers and the media began to take notice. In January 2008 a four song EP was recorded and released via iTunes. "Over the past year we have finally cemented the line-up and things have really begun to fall into place" said vocalist Yvonne. When Ryan joined on drums and Dylan on bass, the right chemistry had been found. In early 2009 two singles were released entitled "Dancing With a Liar", and "Dear Friend". They are part of an album called "Dancing With Dear Friends" available on iTunes. Renfue released a music video for "What You Wanted" in early 2008. Renfue has been touring around Southern California since the release.

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